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122 Administrative Drive
Gaffney SC, 29340
Phone - (864) 487-2718
Fax      - (864) 487-2775
Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8:30am - 5:00pm






Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



What do I need to get my 911 Street Address?      Most address information can be given over the phone.  Questions that you will be asked are who the nearest neighbor is (if known), if the land has been cleared, if the driveway has been put in—anything that marks and specifies your property.  If there are no markings for your home site, you will be asked to do so.  Most properties have to be physically located by 911 Addressing in order to assign the address. 


Can I bring a plat by 911 Addressing to get my address?   You may bring the plat by to show the location of the property.  If possible, an address can be assigned by using the plat.  Often times, a plat is not helpful in assigning the address since addressing was started by physically locating and assigning street numbers.


  When can I get the address?   When you call to request an address, your name and phone number will be asked for.  Often times, if the property has to be physically located by 911 Addressing, you will not receive the address on the same day since all road work is done in the mornings and paperwork is followed up and corrected and other duties take place in the afternoons.  Usually there is a 24 hour wait for an address.


Subdivision addresses?   If the lot you are building on or moving a home onto is located in a subdivision that is filed in the 911 Addressing office, all that you need to provide is the lot number that your home will be placed on.  Addresses have been assigned in advance to subdivision plats in most cases.


Do I need my Tax Map Number to get address?  911 Addressing does not require that you have your Tax Map Number in order to obtain your address.  No addresses are tied to a Tax Map Number in 911 Addressing.  Addresses can NOT be assigned by giving Tax Map Number alone.  Physical directions or markings have to be presented. 


Where do I place my mailbox?   911 Addressing will assign your street address.  You will need to contact the post office that will serve you regarding placement of your mailbox. 



What are the laws on addressing? South Carolina Statute Chapter 47 Section 23-47-60 requires all residences and businesses to properly post thier assigned address within 21 days of receipt. Failing to do so is a misdemeanor and you may receive a :fine up to $200.00 or be sent to jail for 30 days for every day you fail to comply.


Residential Numbers Must:

A. Be at least 3 inches in height

B. Conspicuously placed immediately above, on, or at the side of the door.

C. Be clearly visible from the road

D. If more than 50 feet from the road, must also be posted upon the mailbox, gatepost, fence, or other appropriate place.


E. Contrast in color with the structure

Business Numbers Must:

A. Meet above criteria, except:

1. Must not be less than 4 inches in height

 If you have any questions about your address, please call 864-487-2718.



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